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Agriculture: It’s Not Just on the Farm Anymore / Food: It’s Not Just on Your Plate

On July 19th the Brownfield Communities Network hosted a webinar titled “Local Food Systems and Brownfields Redevelopment” that explored new programs, resources and best practices on the intersection of urban agriculture, job training and brownfields reuse.

On September 18-21st the International Economic Development Council held their annual conference in Charlotte, NC. One of their educational sessions was titled “Locally Driven Approaches to Watering Your Food Desert.”

On September 28-29th Little Rock will host a Healthy Food and Active Living Summit, organized by Mayor Stodola to launch an examination of policies and programs that will lead to improved access to healthy, nutritious and affordable food for their citizens.

Food as a component of health… Agriculture as a healer of the environment… Food as a driver of economic development… Agriculture as a creator of jobs…

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