Conference Field Trips Fill Up Fast!

I'm studying the Conference Field Trips to decide which one to register and plan for. There are six this year, so i'll list them out one by one here. Check our website conference pageto see all the descriptions. Space is limited, so register early. Pre-registration is strongly recommended. And please note that these field trips are being offered at the same time as the mini courses.

Field Trip #1 = Feeding Students: A Collegiate Ag Program Nourishing Mind and Body - Berea College Farm and Farm Store

What does it look like to train students in agriculture from seed to store? Have you wondered how an institution might transition to using locally sourced products? What does it take to build a commercial processing facility to supply that institution? How many acres of corn do you need to feed hungry college students?

Farmers Market at Berea College Farm

Farmers Market at Berea College Farm

The Berea College Farm is one of the oldest continuously operating student educational farms in the United States. Its enterprises currently include beef cattle, hogs, poultry, goats, field crops, horticultural crops, honey bees, and aquaculture. Much of the cropland is USDA certified organic and the farm maintains animal-welfare certifications on several of the livestock enterprises. In 2013 the college opened a campus farm store in a renovated building located on the edge of campus, adjacent to farm. It’s equipped with a kitchen and meat-processing room and offers foods produced by students working on the farm as well as products from nearby farms and small businesses in the central Appalachian Region and throughout Kentucky. The farm also regularly supplies pork, beef, eggs and fresh produce to the campus dining hall.

Pam Kingfisher