We're getting fit

Southern SAWG’s website and I both have new commitments to becoming more fit. For both of us that involves losing a few pounds. Mine are coming off slowly. The website chose a more radical approach, with reams of pages surgically removed. It is definitely slim and trim now – some might say “bare bones” or even “skeletal. The site will gain new content over time, and some of the information that it has shed will reappear. As it does, the website is determined to keep the information easy to find, with improved navigation. As for my weight loss, you may not notice it so much.

But getting more fit also means increasing strength and endurance from more – and more intense – exercise. My body is stepping it up at the gym and sweating it out with summertime fencing chores on the farm. The website has instigated a news feature, an events listing, and a blog, each of which will require regular exercise. Make it a habit, website! The blog (SSAWG BLAWG) invites feedback, too, the website’s first venture into interactive features. (I expect more interactivity in the future.)

And then there is flexibility. The website is newly into yoga and can already bend in ways it never could before. With greater strength and limberness through its core, in the longer term it will be able to twist and turn and more easily add and alter functions. As for me, I'm trying to be more flexibile, too. Some days these old joints feel pretty stiff, but old dogs can learn new tricks. But that may be whole different metaphor.

The website and I will continue to compare notes as our fitness campaigns proceed. The website is way out there in public for all to see. I am a bit more private about my personal campaign.

Jim Lukens