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Agroforestry Specialist [TN]

Caney Fork Farms

Now Hiring: Agroforestry Specialist

Please send a cover letter, resume and 2 references to:     


The Farm:

Caney Fork Farms’ mission is to be an ecologically regenerative, socially integrated and financially profitable farm in middle Tennessee. The 400 acre farm is utilized to produce livestock, vegetables, and a variety of tree crops. All practices are aimed at producing nutritious food while simultaneously increasing the biodiversity and ecological health of the soil, water, & air.

The Agroforestry Department of the farm seeks to integrate carbon sequestering tree & perennial crops throughout the farm. The primary agroforestry enterprise is a 35 acre chestnut orchard, comprised of 1,500 trees, through which we hope to reintroduce chestnuts as a staple crop of the eastern US. We also manage 5 acres of apples, riparian elderberry plantings, and sporadic plantings of mulberries, raspberries, peaches, persimmons, and paw-paws.


Job description:

Caney Fork Farms is seeking a full-time agroforestry specialist to assist the Agroforestry Manager in the care of orchards, conservation & wildlife plantings, perennials, and some vegetable work. This position will spend most of their time caring for trees: conducting pest and disease scouting, mowing, mulching, weeding, pruning, and spraying (all organic). Roughly one day a week will be spent caring for edible landscape plantings, and one day every week or two helping with large plantings and harvests with the vegetable crew. Monthly weekend livestock chores may also be expected.

Specific responsibilities and tasks may change throughout the season as the farm evolves.


Skills and responsibilities include:

·         Keen observation, care, and concern for plants and animals

·         Ability to work independently and manage time effectively

·         Clear communication skills and ability to address issues in a respectful manner

·         A large dose of curiosity and desire to learn more about regenerative farming practices and its potential to mitigate climate change

·         Moderate to advanced tractor, mechanical, and shop skills

·         Much of this job will require tractor work so prior experience and training is desired

·         Ability to work full days in all weather conditions

·         Ability to regularly lift 50lbs

·         Periodic assistance with other aspects of the farm (livestock, compost, farm maintenance, etc.)

·         Minimum one year of previous experience in farming required


The Ideal Candidate:

Someone willing to learn, teach, and cultivate cohesive relationships among all farm humans and animals. An independent thinker and worker who can manage time effectively and efficiently. Above all else, we seek an individual who aspires to produce healthy food in a way that regenerates the land. We are willing to train the right person.



Minimum rate of $12/hr, more depending on experience

Employee housing is offered within a 10-minute drive of the farm.



Vegetable & Agroforestry Manager

Caney Fork Farms