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Internships at Free Union Grass Farm [VA]

Free Union Grass Farm is a pastured, rotational livestock operation raising beef, chicken, pork, duck, and eggs on approximately 300 acres just outside Charlottesville, VA. They've been farming steady since 2010 and are growing every year. They are not a hobby farm or a project; they are a for-profit operation making a living providing consciously raised food to our community. They do all of our own poultry processing by hand on the farm, garden for pleasure, not for production, and frequently host overnight farm visitors by renting their house through AirBnB. They are a 30-ish married couple who like to work hard and play hard, with many years of farming experience between them. One was a Polyface intern in 2009. Many farm practices are modeled after Polyface's, with their own modifications and improvements. They direct-market everything they raise at two weekly farmer's markets and to restaurants, grocery and gourmet foods stores, catering companies, and small inns.