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Lead Vegetable Grower, Backup Livestock Worker [NC]

Fickle Creek Farm is looking for a couple exceptional folks to join their team NOW!

They are a diversified vegetable and livestock farm located on 235 acres just west of Durham and Chapel Hill North Carolina. They work hard to be good stewards of our land and to treat our animals humanely as we produce eggs, pork, beef, chicken, lamb, duck, turkey, and vegetables year-round.  They seek individuals who are hard-working, motivated, and dedicated to sustainable farming. Productivity, alertness, speed, and problem-solving skills are important for the work required.

1 to 2 year commitment. Position requires 2+ years experience growing.  $800 per monthwith a $100 per month completion bonus.  Potential increases based on experience and performance.

Responsibilities include providing primary support to farm foreman and day to day task related to vegetable production including greenhouse management, transplant production, soil fertility management, weeding management, harvest and post harvest management.  This position will include managing interns and sometimes wwoofers in daily vegetable tasks.  Benefits include on-farm housing, a share of farm vegetables and eggs, a $60 a month meat stipend, andone-on-one learning opportunities.

To apply please contact: