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Wallace Center Program Associate

Program Associate 1, Sustainable and Equitable Food Systems

The Wallace Center has been a key organization in fostering a more sustainable food and agricultural system in the U.S. since 1983. Today, the Wallace Center is focused on expanding and accelerating the expansion of sustainable and regional food systems throughout the U.S., with a vision for a healthy small and mid-size farm sector and regional food system the offers more good food—healthy, green, fair, affordable food—to more people. Wallace Center is achieving this through regional partnerships, developing new knowledge, building capacity and networking in order to “scale up” the good food value chain beyond the direct marketing realm to retail and institutional markets and other wholesale markets. The Wallace Center created the National Good Food Network and the Food Hub Collaboration to work toward these goals. The National Good Food Network represents practitioners across the value chain building a new food system that rewards sustainable production, treats growers and workers fairly, improves the health of families and the wealth of communities, and meets the growing demand for good food. The Food Hub Collaboration is a partnership of organizations supporting food hubs across the country, executes a broad range of research, support and outreach activities in support of food hubs. The Wallace Center plays a central role in coordinating and executing tasks under the aegis of the Collaboration.  The Center is also active in the implementation of an innovative food safety protocol, GroupGAP, which will serve the needs of groups of small and mid-scale farms as they seek to engage retail and institutional markets.

The Program Associate will work closely with Program Officer and provide support for a number of the Center’s initiatives and projects that intersect and focus on expanding local and regional food systems that provide opportunities for farmers, local food businesses and communities, including the National Good Food Network, the Food Hub Collaboration, Practical Food Safety for Farmers and Handlers, and FoodLINC. This position will also assist with new program design and development of new funding opportunities.