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Volunteer Job: Southern SARE NGO Representative

The Administrative Council of the Southern Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SSARE) program is seeking nominations of non-governmental organization (NGO) representatives with expertise in sustainable agriculture to replace outgoing Administrative Council members. NGO members are directly involved in deciding the future of research and education of the Southern SARE program.

One NGO seat will be filled. NGO representative nominations from all 13 states in the Southern Region, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin islands will be considered.

The Administrative Council is the governing body of the Southern SARE program and is made up of seven producers, three NGO representatives, one agribusiness representative, one quality of life representative and a number of 1862, 1890, federal and state governmental agency representatives.  All AC members are part of standing committees, which may meet or communicate through e-mail and conference calls to decide policy issues related to SSARE. The Administrative Council depends on outstanding nominees that are put forward across the region.  SSARE strongly encourages those interested to invest the effort required to advance good nominees. 

Council members serve a three-year term. Duties of the Administrative Council include a commitment to reviewing grant proposals and attending council meetings twice a year, February and August. Each meeting is expected to last two days. More information on the duties of an Administrative Council member can be found on SSARE website. Click on Administrative Council Handbook.

Criteria for Administrative Council appointment include the following:

  • Proven experience in sustainable agriculture;
  • Demonstrated ability and willingness to help address sustainable agriculture needs and methods; and
  • Ability to work effectively as a member of a team dealing with contemporary issues facing agriculture.

Council membership will be balanced with respect to geographic location, commodity representation, sex and race.

If you are interested in applying or nominating someone for a position on the SSARE AC, please send SSARE your/their name, email address, postal address, phone number and the AC position applied for. SSARE will send you/them an invitation to apply for a position and the link to the Southern Region SARE On-Line AC Application System. 

Only applications received on the SSARE On-Line AC Application System will be considered.

To be considered, SSARE must receive your e-mail nomination by May 1, 2015. The deadline for a person to complete the SSARE On-Line Application is June 8, 2015.

E-mail nominations to:

John Mayne, Ph.D.
SSARE Assistant Director