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Sprouts Coordinator at EAT South

EAT South is seeking a qualified individual to develop and facilitate the Sprouts k-5 program.  Sprouts' goal is to develop sustainable school garden communities by:

  • Facilitating on-site garden education programming with students
  • Training teachers how to conduct standards based, garden education lessons
  • Conducting professional development with school faculty to become confident gardeners
  • Developing a school garden committee

The Sprouts Coordinator is also responsible for continuing the development of this fairly new program. This includes continuing the development of the k-5 curriculum, developing and implementing a marketing plan for Sprouts, packaging the Sprouts curriculum for distribution, recruiting schools to participate in Sprouts, developing relationships with strategic community partners, and ensuring that all schools Sprouts works with develops a sustainable system to manage the infrastructure of the garden and the schools’ garden education programming.

Application deadline: Feb. 10th, 2015

For more information about the position, contact EAT South's Education Coordinator, Mark Bowen at