Agricultural Service Providers

Southern SAWG and our partners have helped hundreds of diversified vegetable producers improve their profitability with our Growing Farm Profits program. Now the Southern SAWG training team has drilled down a little deeper into some of the recurring issues farmers face as they wrestle with profitability on their farms. We addressed these issues in the following webinars specifically designed for agricultural professionals who help diversified vegetable producers in the South.



Duration: 60 min.

Most farmers need financial assistance for purchasing and/or operating their farms but they may be unfamiliar with what information they need to gather prior to actually meeting with the lender. A little prior planning and preparation can make all the difference in both the amount of time the process takes and whether their loan is approved. In this webinar you will learn how to guide a farmer in preparing to meet with their lender. Oct. 2016.


Duration:  49 min.

Depreciation of equipment and other farm assets can be the difference between profit and loss on a farm – especially a vegetable market farm. Depreciation is often looked at only from the view of tax calculation but should be viewed as the cost to maintaining a stable of important equipment. Therefore it should be included in production cost to make sure pricing takes it into account. In this webinar we will re-examine depreciation from the standpoint of how it affects farm profitability and not just from the perspective of general accounting principles. You will learn how to better assist farmers in making decisions on how to depreciate their farm equipment and reflect that in their cost for use in making profitability decisions. Sept. 2016.


Schedule F vs Profitability Accounting for Vegetable Farming

December 2015 | Duration: 39 min.


Record Keeping for Profit Management for Vegetable Growers

Duration: 54 min.

One of the most frustrating dilemmas farmers face in profitable decision making is having accurate information for those decisions. They may keep receipts for expenses, and record how much product is selling, but how do they determine the labor costs for each crop when there are so many crops in the field? This webinar will help you learn some of the tricks of the trade across the spectrum from paper and white boards to computers and phone apps and put you on the right track in addressing these challenges with the farmers looking to you for assistance. Oct. 2015.

Cost-Benefit Analysis for Vegetable Equipment Purchasing Decisions

Duration: 47 min.

"Should I add more labor or should I finally purchase that one piece of equipment to streamline the operation?” Farmers may ask you this question that could mean thousands more in profit on the farm. This webinar will show you how to assist farmers in answering this question. Nov. 2015.