Sandra Simone, Huckleberry Hill Farm (AL)

Sandra Simone

Sandra Simone

SSAWG was instrumental in the decision to go from my little organic garden and begin “farming”. After moving from Atlanta, GA to Talladega, Alabama, my husband and I were going to raise goats. Kathy Colverson, of HPI, put us in touch with Jean Mills. We were able through scholarship, to attend our first SSAWG conference in January of 2000. I remember it well. It was held on Jekyll Island. Such enthusiasm and such energy. SSAWG was a much smaller community then. It seemed that we all knew each other, I think because of our shared values to live sustainably on this earth. Folks brought their harvests and shared freely. I remember that we came home with a box of oranges among other goodies.

Harold was ill (he transitioned the following month) and was unable to attend sessions, but I did. They were great, and they opened up the world of agriculture to me.

My daughter, Tynesha, who lives in Atlanta, attended the conference with me that was held in Florida. I had not been successful in getting her to be interested in involvement with the land. That conference flipped a switch in her and she was turned on. She called everyone to tell them about what she had learned in the conference and convince ME that WE should try a CSA. WOW! So Jean Mills took us under her wing until we could fly. Last year was our eighth consecutive CSA!

Tynesha and I have attended several conferences since that time. We have even been presenters! We always come home rejuvenated and full of ideas, and useful information. The networking has been fabulous! The new connections were valuable beyond measure.

Thank you SSAWG!!

Shari Hawley