Barbara Shipman, Farmer and Cottage House Program Director (AL)

Barbara Shipman.JPG

My first time to attend a Southern SAWG Conference was 2006, when I took a group of Ag Students from the Ag Technical School in Union Springs, Alabama. This was the only time the students were allowed to go on a trip out of the state. The students enjoyed the ride on their bus with their teacher and the bus driver. I road on the bus with adults from north Alabama. It iced over the roads. The school principal called us to send the students back home. The principal was afraid that the students and the bus would get stuck in the ice and snow. He thought that everyone would have to spend the entire week in Kentucky and student parents would be worried sick. The bus driver had never driven the bus in the ice or snow before. The students spent only one day at the conference in Louisville, KY. I cannot remember fully what happened next, except the students wanted to stay and see the snow.

Everyone was nice and I got to meet lots of new friends whom I have stayed in contact with.

This was an educational trip and I have been able to use all of the knowledge that I learned on my farm. It helped me to get my organic certification thru OIA North America.

Shari Hawley