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Value Chain Coordination: Bringing People Together - an NGFN webinar

Thurs, Aug 30 @ 3:30pm ET (12:30pm PT)

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Value Chain Coordination (VCC) is the "soft infrastructure" that supports the success of Good Food enterprises. VCC often requires organizing events and opportunities for key relationships across the food value chain to flourish by engaging the right stakeholders, maintaining communication channels, and fostering a trusting environment. Examples include organizing stakeholder meetings, forming working groups, and bringing potential partners together.

We call this role "Convening."

Setting conditions right for an effective convening, with measurable impacts, is critical. This webinar will provide guidance on hosting convenings by telling the story of two events: one where sellers and buyers are regularly brought together in a “Fest” – a celebratory, relatively low-stakes event; the other where specific actors within a complex value chain were brought together in a more focused working event designed to create a whole new product line.



Ann Karlen

University of Vermont, Kitchen Table Consultants and former Executive Director, Fair Food Philadelphia

Sarah Rocker

Northeast Regional Center for Rural Development

Mark Brault

Deer Creek Malthouse