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2018 National Direct Agricultural Marketing Summit (Virginia)

United States Department of Agriculture, Farm Credit, Farmers Market Coalition, Food Distribution Research Society and National Value Added Conference collaborate to offer the 2018 Direct Agricultural Marketing Summit.

The goal of the summit is to improve understanding, capacity and performance of farms and businesses that participate in direct to consumer markets. Summit will feature new resources—intended to assist farmers, market managers and direct marketing farmers—as well as research and data on direct to consumer markets.

National leaders and experts from industry and the public sector will participate in plenary sessions and break-out trainings. Technical assistance will include workshops for Farmers Market Promotion Program grant participants and MarketMaker stakeholders.

“The summit is a rare opportunity for managers of farmers markers and those who provide technical assistance to local food systems to learn about innovative training tools and resources, including research and partnerships,” said Ron Rainey, professor, University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture. “This gathering is also a great time for attendees to visit and compare notes. This type of networking opportunity does not come along often.” Conference Details