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Two-part Produce Farm Training in October at Heifer Ranch (AR)-- Part One: PRODUCE SAFETY GROWER COURSE

Produce Safety Grower Course

October 9th | 8am-5pm | Registration $35 (includes lunch)

For fresh produce farms, FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act Produce Safety Rule sets mandatory federal standards for growing, harvesting, packing, and holding produce. Most produce farms will be affected by this Rule. This training will help growers understand the new requirements and will provide the information needed to comply with the Produce Safety Rule.

Topics covered include agricultural water, soil amendments, worker health and hygiene, wildlife management, postharvest handling, and food safety plans.

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Scaling up Your Produce Farm: Postharvest

Handling for Intermediated Markets

October 10th | 9am-4pm | Registration $10 (includes lunch)

This on-farm workshop will focus on harvest and postharvest operations for fruit and vegetable growers to be able to scale up into wholesale and intermediated markets. Intermediated markets are non-direct-to-consumer markets and include sales directly to restaurants, grocers, schools, universities and other institutions, as well as sales to food hubs and other aggregators and distributors dedicated to local food sourcing.

Topics covered will include handling and storage requirements for fruits and vegetables, food safety considerations in postharvest operations, and the buyer’s perspective when purchasing local produce. The workshop will also feature a tour of the 2-acre organic vegetable farm at Heifer Ranch and their newly-updated pack shed with scale appropriate equipment for produce washing, handling, and storage.

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Please register for each workshop and you are allowed to attend only one of the two workshops if you prefer.

Contact Angela Gardner at (501) 671-2180 or for information.