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Alliance Field Day [MS]

  • Picayune, Mississippi (map)

The March 17th field day will be hosted by the Small Farm Training Center (SFTC) near Picayune, Mississippi in Hancock County.  As a hands-on working mini-farm and training center, SFTC has pioneered production and marketing strategies that have attracted more than 80 student apprentices in two years. Student farmers learn to grow, cook and market healthy organic produce on this six-acre mini-farm. The farm is part of the New Talavan Community and operated by Terry and Elicia Sheldon. 

Major topics will include: “Growing the Growers in Mississippi – Addressing the Disparity between Supply and Demand for Organic Produce”.  Terry Sheldon says, “The demand for organically grown vegetables in Southern Mississippi is booming.  Now the bad news. Actual organic growers – folks whose livelihood depends on growing what they sell and selling what they grow – are few and far between. Don’t believe it? Visit a Gulf Coast farmers market. The vendors are, by-in-large, retirees and pensioners who are selling produce to supplement their incomes. Sadly, many are re-boxing out of state, or out of country, non-organic produce.  Rarely seen is a prosperous farm family that successfully markets only what they grow locally. If public demand for organic produce is accelerating in a state plagued by chronic unemployment and other problems… what’s missing?”.

The SFTC’s March 17th field day will address this issue head-on and focus on their major production and marketing strategies.  TOUR AND LEARN FROM THIS SUSTAINBLE FARMING OPERATION AND SEE THEIR METHODS, MATERIALS AND MINDSET FOR YOURSELF!  SEE DIRECTIONS BELOW.

There is NO COST to attend this event, but PRE-REGISTRATION is required!