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NC Statewide Food Council Gathering

Community Food Strategies, an initiative of the Center for Environmental Farming Systems and partnership between several organizations, is hosting a Statewide Food Council Gathering on Nov 30 - Dec 1 for all of the 30+ food councils and their partners across North Carolina.  

This event will feature:

  • Food systems, policy, and community organizing workshops,  
  • Keynote presentation, 
  • Ignite Presentations by several NC food councils, 
  • Resource and Funding Fair, and 
  • Regional and statewide networking opportunities

Join nearly 200 other local food council members, local government officials, educators, planners, farmers, food systems advocates, and faculty interested in cross-sector systems change and local food policy! 

Registration details are here.

Savi Horne of the Land Loss Prevention Project is Keynote Speaker. Savi is Executive Director of the North Carolina Association of Black Lawyers, Land Loss Prevention Project, a non-profit law firm that has offered for more than thirty-three years of legal representation of clients, community economic development, and professional outreach in the effort to promote wealth, land preservation, and rural livelihoods. As a state, regional and national non-governmental organization leader, Savi has been instrumental in addressing the needs of socially disadvantaged farmers and rural communities. 

Check out the website with current list of speakers, concurrent sessions, activities, and generous sponsors.