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Local Food & Local Government: What You Need to Know

Wed, Sept 11, 2013  •  10:00a - 11:30a (Eastern)


Walk into a grocery store or a restaurant and you're likely to see the word "local" displayed on shelves and menus.  Consumers are more interested than ever in healthy eating, knowing the origins of their food, and providing support for the local economy and nearby farmers.

Local governments influence positive community health outcomes and encourage community engagement by facilitating this growing segment of the economy.

In this webinar, local food and government experts will discuss the following topics:

   - How food connects much of what we do in leading, governing, engaging, and supporting our communities

   - Our complex food system and the forces that influence it

   - Food-related health and economic issues important to local governments

 The September 11 webinar is the first in a series of webinars about local food systems. Future webinars will address local food councils, land use policies, food entrepreneurs, and more.


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