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Crop Insurance & the Farm Bill Symposium (KY)

Crop Insurance & the Farm Bill: A New Paradigm in US Ag Policy Symposium

Since the inception of US agricultural policies in the early 1930s, the Farm Bills enacted have centered on various iterations of supply controls, price supports and/or direct transfers.  In the current political climate a paradigm shift seems to be underway toward alternative risk management strategies, primarily subsidized crop insurance offerings, to help mitigate the substantial risks inherent in agricultural production and marketing. In this symposium, the effects and impacts of the proposed shift to crop insurance as the primary tool for risk management in agriculture will be examined and assessed.

Potential topic areas to be explored include the interaction between crop insurance and traditional Title 1 farm support programs; rating and delivery challenges related to more widespread reliance on insurance; innovations in the tools and techniques for crop insurance analysis; and the intersection between crop insurance and farm management decisions.

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