The Beginning Farmer and Rancher Opportunity Act of 2017


This legislation would expand beginning farmer access to farmland by increasing the flexibility and effectiveness of land-link programs and protecting farmland affordability through conservation easements. It would also empower new farmers with the skills they need to succeed by securing permanent funding for new farmer training, expanding support for farm transfer and succession planning, and launching a new asset-building financial literacy initiative.

This bill would ensure farmers are able to finance new farm purchases by allowing FSA real estate loans to reflect regional farmland inflation rates and expand risk management options for new and beginning farmers. Finally, this legislation would encourage commitment to conservation and stewardship across generations by increasing participation in conservation programs by beginning farmers.

We applaud the sponsors of this legislation for tackling a pressing concern that too often in the past has been talked about but not acted upon. We urge your strong support to ensure this initiative is enacted into law as part of the new farm bill.

Add your organization's information here to endorse the bill. Please note: this letter is intended for organizations. Individuals can endorse the bill too—look for a sign-on opportunity soon.  NSAC has a sign-on for ORGANIZATIONS at this time. You can sign it here.

Pam Kingfisher