Take Action - Add Your Voice to the Union of Concerned Scientists

Tell the Agriculture Secretary Nominee to Put Healthy Food and Farms First!

Former Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue is President Trump's nominee to lead the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). The USDA plays a vital role in our food system, a system that right now is fueling chronic health problems, damaging farmland, and spewing chemical runoff into our waterways.

You can bet Governor Perdue is hearing from the usual agribusiness lobbyists working to keep the status quo, and he has a history of siding with them. Because he is likely to be confirmed without much of a fight, we need ensure the first thing he hears upon assuming office is a demand for smarter public investments to make healthy foods more affordable, to improve children's health and well-being, and to encourage farmers to adopt science-based, sustainable farming practices.

Add your name to the petition telling USDA Secretary nominee Sonny Perdue: put healthy food and farms first. The Union of Concerned Scientists will deliver the message within the first week of his confirmation.


Pam Kingfisher