Will the Farm Bill Move This Week?

Things are moving fast this week on Capital Hill and there is a lot of speculation around the farm bill.  Here is what is known for sure (keep in mind that the timing on this can change based on what happens this evening): 

1.       There will be no meeting of the conference committee members.  They will be asked to sign an agreement and if the majority of the conference members sign (both House and Senate) then the bill will move on to the House and Senate floors for a full vote.

2.       The timing on this is immediate.  The Farm Bill conferees (conference committee members) have been called back to DC to finish up the work on the Farm Bill today.   The House Rules committee is scheduled to meet today at 5pm and if they approve the rule to take up debate on the farm bill, it would likely come up on the House Floor on Wednesday January 29th.  That means the entire House would vote. The Senate is could vote on the Farm Bill later this week.

3.       It is still not clear what is in the farm bill—only speculation.  Below are articles from Politico and the Hill newspapers on payment limits.  Looks like final deal is not ideal.

a.       Politico: http://dyn.politico.com/printstory.cfm?uuid=C269703F-60B0-4494-9D47-E103B4EDC5F9

b.      The Hill: http://thehill.com/blogs/on-the-money/agriculture/196274-farm-bill-negotiators-struggle-with-payment-limits

c.       NSAC Press Comment on Subsidy Reform: http://sustainableagriculture.net/blog/release-nsac-statement-on-farm-bill-payment-limit-reform/

What you can do:

1.        It is important to reach out to your Representative and Senator this week. 

a.       Call  The Capital Switchboard Operator

                                                               i.      Direct: 202-224-3121

                                                             ii.      Toll Free: 877-429-0678

b.      Email

c.       Post on  their Facebook or Twitter pages

2.       The timing on outreach will be especially important on Tuesday and Wednesday.  There will be an action alert with language to guide your conversation.

3.       Pass this information on and encourage others to participate!  

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Pam Kingfisher