Things Are Heating Up!!!!

The Farm Bill Markup has been released and true to government form it is a rather large document, over 1000 pages and filled with a ton of gobblygook.  As the language is getting translated into understandable real-world messaging, we thought it would be good for you to see the visual support (click to see a map) of the Local Food Farm and Jobs Act.  This program, if included in the Farm Bill, would be a huge win for the sustainable agriculture community. Important facts about the Local Food Farm and Jobs Act:

*It drives economic development by


  • Creating economic opportunities for farmers and ranchers through local and regional markets.
  • Improving processing and distribution infrastructure for local and regional agriculture.
  • Expanding access to healthy food for consumers, including underserved communities.
  • Providing research, training, and information that farm entrepreneurs need to be successful.


 *Why It Matters

  • Small, mid-sized, and large farm businesses currently sell through local markets and will benefit from investments in local and regional agriculture.
  • Empirical research shows that expanding local agriculture in a community can increase employment and income in that community.
  • Every two jobs created at a farmers market supports an additional job in another sector of the local economy.
  • The bill’s investment in local and regional agriculture amounts to less than one-sixth of the percent of USDA’s budget, yet will address the needs of a large and growing sector of American agriculture.

Let us hear from you! What do you think about the map?  How can you or your organization benefit from this bill? Send us an email or leave a comment on our Facebook page.  Until tomorrow...look at the map

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