Conference on Farm Bill Begins!

We are closer to a Farm Bill than we have been in years, but we can only hope that smart decisions are made on the Hill beginning tomorrow. There are many concerns in the current bill as it is disproportionately cutting critical conservation programs like the Conservation Stewardship Program, which promotes advanced conservation management activities and practices.

Along with our partners in the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition, we support funding for the Regional Conservation Partnership Program and the Rural Energy for America Program, as well as needed reforms to the Environmental Quality Incentives Program’s treatment of organic producers.

The House and Senate Farm Bills also reauthorize vital programs that were left stranded in the last extension.  Important funding for Beginning Farmers supports training the next generation of farmers and creating new food systems. These programs have proved to promote rural development, building the economy, protecting the environment and ensuring local foods. 

The NSAC policy team encourages opposition to the House bill’s provision to split the nutrition title out of future farm bills - creating layers and hurdles which are unnecessary and confusing.  Stay tuned as we hope for a Farm Bill!


Pam Kingfisher