And With a Blink of the Eye....The Extension is Gone!

Thanks to powerful forces, the infamous extension to the Farm Bill was given the axe at approximately 5pm on July 31, 2012.  Early that day the SSAWG policy organizers along with the grassroots team from NSAC held a conference call to discuss the impact the extension would have on sustainable agriculture and what could be done to ensure it did not pass.  Better than a cool rain on a hot summer day, that morning USDA Secretary Vilsack went on record to denounce the extension and voiced his support of a five year farm bill. In addition to Vilsack’s vocal opposition to the extension, there was a wide push by NSAC, the Community Food Security Coalition, The Rural Coalition and many other individuals and organizations to voice (very loudly) their opposition to the extension.  The House Republicans knew they did not have enough support to pass the extension and at 5pm they nixed it.  It looks like there will be another story to tell on Thursday August 2nd when the House is scheduled to vote on a disaster package.  In the meantime, below are links to articles that give the full story of the withdrawal of the Farm Bill Extension.  Happy reading!