Tell Congress that we want a Farm Bill this year!

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Everybody eats.  This means all of us have a stake in how our food is grown and produced.  And if we want organic, sustainable, healthy food everywhere – from our grocery stores to our schools, delivered from thriving family farms nationwide – we have to ask for it.

As of this month, our nation’s food and farm policy in the form of the 2008 Farm Bill has officially expired, with no workable replacement moving forward in Congress. This has left critical programs that support organic and sustainable agriculture high and dry with no funding – and means Congress dodged the chance to make real reforms and an investment in an equitable, sustainable future for food and farms in America.

When Congress comes back to Washington, DC after Election Day, please join Southern SAWG, along with farmers, ranchers and citizens like you across the country in telling Congress loud and clear:  we want our government to invest in a healthy future for our nation’s farms, food, and people!

Southern SAWG has launched a major grassroots effort in collaboration with the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition and allies across the nation to make our voices heard.  Sign onto the citizens’ petition today – and mark your calendar for a national day of action on November 15!

Sign your name to our online petition now and tell Congress we need a 2012 Farm Bill that:

Invests in the future of healthy farms, food, and people

Protects our precious air, soil, and water

Reforms farm subsidies and levels the playing field.