Poster Abstracts 2011 Conference


2011 Conference Poster Session Topics/Abstracts

All abstracts are in PDF format

Land, Labor, and Energy Efficiency of Alternative Biofuel 
 Crops at Three Small Farm Scales [abstract]

Jon Cambron
Kentucky State University
The Interaction of Ground Cover Management System and Nutritional Source on Growth and Development of an Organic Apple Orchard 
in the South [abstract]

Dr. Curt Rom
University of Arkansas

Comparison of Two Organic Blackberry Production Systems 
Under Production and Market Risks [abstract]

Dr. Hector German Rodriguez

University of Arkansas
Interactive Blackberry Enterprise Budget: A Tool for 
Economic Analysis [abstract]
Dr. Hector German Rodriguez

University of Arkansas
Research and Application of Climate Forecasts to Serve 
Sustainable Agriculture in the Southeast [abstract]

Dr. Carrie Furman
University of Georgia
On Farm Conservation Tillage Vegetable System Utilizing 
High-residue Cover Crops in Alabama [abstract

Dr. Ted S. Kornecki
National Soil Dynamics Lab
Electronic Direct Marketing Solutions for Family Farms: Food 
Industry Market Maker Version 3.0 [abstract]

Dr. Kimberly L. Morgan

Mississippi State University
An Educational Program for Training Beginning Farmers in 
Sustainable Poultry, Livestock and Agroforestry Production [abstract]

Ixchel Reyes-Herrera

University of Arkansas
Food Defense Begins at the Farm [abstract]

Courtney A. Crist

Mississippi State University

An Overview of High Tunnel Research and Outreach in 
Central Mississippi [abstract]

Dr. William Evans

Mississippi State University
Identifying Potential Cropland within a Northwest Arkansas 
Foodshed [abstract]
Angelica Kraushaar

University of Arkansas
Organic Poultry Production: Developing Natural Solutions to 
Reducing Pathogens and Maintaining Gut Health [abstract]

Dr. D.J. Donoghue
University of Arkansas
Straw Bale Gardening: Grow Food and Improve Soil 
Quality [abstract]
Dr. Kefyalew Desta

Oklahoma Cooperative Extension 
Teff: Tiny Seeded Tri-Purpose Alternative Crop for 
Oklahoma [abstract]
Dr. Kefyalew Desta 

Oklahoma State University
Fall Tomato Production in a High Tunnel Organic Production 

Rickie Holness

North Carolina A&T State University
Travel to China for Season Extension Technologies [abstract]
Dr. Mengmeng Gu

Mississippi State University

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