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Enroll Now in the Conservation Stewardship Program

Enrollment Deadline Extended to March 13

If you’re a farmer, or you work with farmers, you know that conserving and enhancing natural resources on farms is critical to a sustainable production system. But land stewardship takes time, energy, and resources. That’s why the Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP) exists.

What is CSP? How do I enroll? 

CSP is an innovative program for working farms, built on the belief that we must enhance natural resource and environmental protection as we simultaneously produce profitable food, fiber, and energy. By providing comprehensive conservation assistance to whole farms, CSP offers farmers the opportunity to earn payments for actively managing, maintaining, and expanding conservation activities like cover crops, rotational grazing, ecologically-based pest management, buffer strips, and the transition to organic farming — while they work their lands for production.

For more information on the program and the process for signing up, check out this updated CSP Information Alert by the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition (NSAC). Farmers, this resource is for you!

NSAC has recently published an updated version of the Farmers’ Guide to the Conservation Stewardship Program. Download the comprehensive guide from this website.

Are you interested?  NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT!

Farmers and ranchers interested in enrolling in the program for 2015 now have until March 13 to go to their local Natural Resources Conservation Service office and sign up. The initial sign-up process is easy! Download the updated CSP Information Alert for step-by-step instructions, the updated Farmers’ Guide for comprehensive program details, and help spread the word!

Did you enroll in CSP in 2011?

If so, then this is the last year of your five-year CSP contract and thus you now have the opportunity to sign-up to renew your participation in the program for 2016-2020. You must apply to renew by March 31. Refer to the Information Alert for further information.