Southern SAWG's 2018 Conference Was Incredible

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What an incredible experience we had at this year’s #ssawg2018 conference! Attendees from all over the South—and beyond—participated in great pre-conference events, amazing networking, and awesome sessions. So many voices, so much knowledge, and so much wisdom was packed into a short period of time.

We all gleaned some timely and insightful information. These are just some of the nuggets attendees found helpful enough to share on social media.

When you put your hands in the dirt, something changes you. You will never be the same again.
— Plenary Speaker Davon Goodwin, OTL Farms
It’s like Wall Street. It’s carbon trading. They [mushrooms] are doing this under our feet.
— Tradd Cotter, @sporeprints
Once those young people develop leadership skills, you take a step back and allow them to lead.
— Sean Winford, GrowDatNOLA
How can you use a broader knowledge of racism to encourage people to get back to the land? From the session: The History of Race and Ag in the South.
— Dr. Priscilla McCutcheon
Farmers markets are places where traditions are maintained and relationships are built. They are gathering places. They build trust in communities. They are true assets to communities.
— Allison Tohme, @choosecenla
National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition brings the farm bill to our doorstep by showing us how it impacts EVERYONE from school children to farmers.
— 2018 Conference Attendee

Shari Hawley