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“Extending” the Reach of Growing Farm Profits


Craig Mauney is an extension agent in western North Carolina. After participating in Southern SAWG’s Growing Farm Profits in-service training in Mobile, AL in January of 2015, Craig wrote us a quick note that said: 

“The training in Mobile Alabama was simply awesome! I feel so good about it and it really boosted my confidence level working with growers, etc. I am so excited. Just wanted to update you and let you know how good the training was and that by giving me this skill I am going to be able to help my growers out more.”  

We recently followed up with Craig to see if he had been able help out his growers as he had hoped. Here’s what he said: 

“The information I learned has helped very much as I consult with growers, actually tenured growers, and new growers beginning farming and farming the first 5-10 years. I have recommended multiple times for growers to go to the Southern SAWG website and use the tutorials and two growers have responded back to me that they realize now how important individual costs of production being fairly spread across their crops is to them in pricing.”  

Craig and about 40 other service providers have benefitted from this one-day, in-service training Southern SAWG and our partners have provided. Many thanks to the SARE Professional Development Program for supporting this effort through a generous grant! Want to learn more about Growing Farm Profits? Check out this section on our website.