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Growing Farm Profits Is Now Online!

Have you been hearing people mention the great stuff they learned at one of Southern SAWG's Growing Farm Profits trainings and the useful tools they got for free, such as the amazing Veggie Compass? Been wishing you had access to this to help you improve your farm profits? 

Have you participated in one of our many GFP trainings around the region and wish you could take a refresher course now that you’ve gotten back to the farm and started concentrating on increasing your farm profits?

Well, aren’t you the lucky one?!  Our new Growing Farm Profits online course is the next best thing to attending a live training.   Many of the GFP training materials are now available to you right here on our website!


(NEW!!) We have created 8 short video tutorials to demonstrate how to use the free Veggie Compass Whole Farm Profit Management tool.  Ellen Polishuk, a vegetable grower in Virginia, walks you through Veggie Compass, using her own farm numbers to demonstrate how you can use this tool to determine the profitability of each of your crops in each of your market channels.  She shows how Veggie Compass can be used to help you locate your farm’s inefficiencies as well as profit centers and how you can use this information to manage for profitability.

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