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Farm to School in Fayetteville Public Schools

 "Great for our kids, and great for our community!"  Are you curious about what exactly “Farm to School” means? Simply put, it’s all about providing local, healthy foods by connecting farmers with school lunchrooms. The goals of improving nutritional health, agricultural and economic opportunities for the community are at the forefront of these activities. Dana Smith and the staff at Fayetteville Public Schools just shared this great video on their Farm to School activities – it’s inspirational!

As you can see in this video, Farm to School involves educational activities connected with nutrition, environment, health and science – especially as schools develop their own gardens and educational package, which also involves parents and the community. We work with the National Farm to School Network, which provides a comprehensive approach to improve the health of children and communities and our partners at the USDA Farm to School Regional Offices in Atlanta and Dallas.

Feel free to share with anyone that might be interested (your local school maybe!).  If you have specific questions about Fayetteville Public School’s Farm to School program, you can contact Dana Smith by email.

Southern SAWG will be hosting a Farm to School short course and other sessions at our 23rd Annual Conference, January 15-18, 2014 in Mobile, AL. Watch for the full schedule in October.