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Your Outreach Efforts Count!

Thank you all for signing on to the Rural Coalition’s letter to Congress asking for a fair and fully funded Farm Bill.  As you all know this bill has a powerful effect on our (sustainable agriculture’s) ability to do our work.  Over the past year you’ve heard us talk about the Farm Bill on conference calls, at our conference. We’ve asked you to sign letters, call your member of Congress and send out alerts. We are truly thankful for your efforts. While it may not seem like it based on Congress’s actions, your outreach is extremely important. 

Over the next week, we will need your help more than ever.  Tuesday May 14th the Senate and Wednesday May 15th the House will be discussing the Farm Bill.  We need to make sure that the Farm Bill is on the radar of EVERY member of Congress from the south.  They need to understand how this bill affects everything from our agricultural businesses to our dinner plates.  If you have benefitted from funding from the Farm Bill let us know, most important, let your member of Congress know.  So far NO Southern Senator has co-sponsored the Beginning Farmer and Rancher Opportunity Act or the Local Farm Food and Jobs Act.  They need to hear from you.  Take this week to reach out and talk to them and their staff.  Please stay tuned to the Ag Policy page for updates on the Farm Bill.  Don’t forget to share your story with us on Facebook.  Until Monday have a great weekend!