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Young Families Welcome at Southern SAWG Conference!

We are so happy to see so many young people deeply involved in sustainable agriculture. We know of young farming families who are building a life together, which many times includes home schooling their children and staying together as a unit. We want to ensure that our educational and networking conference is totally accessible to young parents and give them a chance to focus on their learning process, so for the first time we have set up childcare nearby the Mobile Convention Center in order to make attendance possible.

We at Southern SAWG are not qualified to provide safe and engaging childcare, but we have identified a unique professional childcare service in Mobile that will offer a special discount to Southern SAWG Conference participants.  

If a minimum of seven children are signed up for their services, Sunshine Sue's Playgarden staff will set up operation and provide services at The Battle House Hotel (one of our conference hotels, just across the street from the Convention Center).

Click here to learn more about this service. 

Please make reservations by January 1 so that we can determine what hotel space may be needed for this service. To make your reservations, email them at  or call 251-421-2434  to set up your childcare situation.