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Growing Farm Profits Training Coming to Chattanooga, TN

Make your plans to meet Southern SAWG team as we bring our Growing Farm Profits training to Chattanooga, TN November 9 & 10, 2013.  

Our Growing Farm Profits training is geared toward horticultural producers and helps farmers understand factors that impact profitability and walks farmers through steps for improving farm profits. It is led by two outstanding farmers who provide real-farm examples throughout the day and a half training to ensure farmers go home with practical things they can do to improve their profits. 

Here are some words from past participants:

“The workshop has had a great impact on how I think about my farming operation.  We are [now] tracking costs in each enterprise and thinking more about profit margins.  [We are]Trying to use this information to make better decisions about what to grow and what to sell.  [We]Started a new enterprise this year based on our estimates that it could be more profitable than other things we have been raising.”

“We have started to track harvest quantities, individual crop sales, and more closely track farm activity as a result of attending the training. We have set up spreadsheets inspired by the info from the training.”

“When we got home we tried to go back and fill in [records] for the 2012 season. By doing this we were able to identify where our record keeping gaps really are. Labor tracking and allocating time and costs across enterprises is where we have fallen short in the past so that is where we'll focus our energy on better record keeping.”

“I already have a record keeping system that works pretty well for me… The Veggie Compass goes into a LOT more detail than my system, though, and points out the gaps in mine… So it got me thinking about some of the stuff that we're not tracking, and how useful/necessary it is to have that additional information. For instance, the Unit Break Even Price. I haven't tracked all of the information needed to be able to do that kind of analysis, and I can see now that we need to in order to become profitable. I'm now tracking exact sales of each crop.”

“I have changed my method of keeping records. I started looking at the things I needed to record from a different perspective- not just cost of seed, but literally from start to finish of each of our products. To include labor, time, water, etc. in order to see if we are breaking even or making a profit and how much of one. Also looking a marketing cost from a different point of view. Your course made me look at things from a different point of view.  I felt smarter and more informed of what I need to improve my farm.”

“Now that I understand my income and my expenses in such depth I can plan for putting additional land under cultivation, hiring employees, know which seed to buy and how much. [Veggie Compass] is an incredibly useful planning tool.”

“My brain was reshaped with the Growing Farm Profits workshop that was in Asheville, NC last winter.  [We] went home and made a spreadsheet with recorded costs and hours for each livestock enterprise.  We're recording hours for veggie projects this year to work towards understanding the veggie fields.  It's reshaping our farm planning foresight and overall vision.”

For more information and registration information please contact Andrea Jaeger, Crabtree Farms at or  423-493-9155 ext 13.

KENTUCKY – get it on your calendars – we’ll be in Lexington February 1 & 2, 2014. For more information, contact Martin Richards, Community Farm Alliance at or (502) 223-3655.