Southern SARE Producer Grants Available

In the South, USDA’s Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) program offers seven different types of grants to support sustainable agriculture. While the entire program is intended to benefit farmers and ranchers, one of type of grant is specifically to be implemented by producers.

Producer Grants are intended for use by farmers/ranchers and farmer/rancher organizations throughout the Southern region to conduct projects that solve problems on the farm or ranch. They don’t pay a farmer to farm, but rather are designed to take some of the financial risk out of looking for innovative solutions. Grant recipients then share information with other producers about what they learned.

Projects may be funded for up to two years for a project maximum of $10,000 for an individual producer or $15,000 for a producer organization. The proposal submission deadline is Nov. 15, 2011.

More information is available on the Southern SARE website.

Jim LukensSARE, producer grants