GFP Veggie Compass Team

The Veggie Compass Team

Finally, we must give a shout out to the team at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, who originally took the basic design Jim Munsch conceived, and developed the first operational Veggie Compass. They then tested it with many farmers in the upper Midwest. Southern SAWG, recognizing the value of this unique tool, quickly began incorporating it in farmer education programs around the South. Jean Mills, Jim Munsch and Ellen Polishuk have been using Veggie Compass in Southern SAWG’s Growing Farm Profits trainings for a number of years now and have, along the way, made modifications to Veggie Compass to make it a more robust farm financial and crop analysis tool. But Jim Munsch and the team at the University of Wisconsin-Madison deserve the credit for having the wherewithal to develop this much-needed tool and for staying committed to making it more and more useful for farmers

As we continue to work together to add new features, we’ll post updated versions of Veggie Compass here on our website and at, maintained by the team at the University of Wisconsin.  

While we hope this video tutorial series and the user manual will provide you the information you need to make the best use of Veggie Compass and/or the concepts it raises, we know unforeseen questions may arise and we hope growers will make suggestions if a need for improvements is found. John Hendrickson, of the Wisconsin team, has generously offered his assistance.  Send questions or suggestions to:


Meet the Team


Jim Munsch, a certified organic beef grazing farmer, consults with many organic vegetable and beef  farms, to analyze their operations so growers can make more informed financial decisions. As a result of his consulting, Jim developed a cost accounting system for diversified fresh market vegetable growers that became the basis for the Veggie Compass spreadsheet.


John Hendrickson coordinates the Wisconsin School for Beginning Market Growers, and runs his own organic vegetable farm.


Erin Silva is an Organic Production Specialist with the University of Wisconsin Department of Agronomy. 


Rebecca Claypool is a Research Specialist at the University of Wisconsin Madison and runs her own vegetable farm in Wisconsin.


Paul Mitchell, is an Associate Professor with the University of Wisconsin in the Department of Agricultural & Applied Economics. 


Ellen Polishuk, SSAWG Collaborator, is a soils and farm consultant, teacher/trainer, and farmer at Potomac Vegetable Farms in Purcellville, Virginia.


Jean Mills, SSAWG Collaborator, is the Family Farm Program Manager for the Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group and, for nearly two decades, ran her own CSA in Alabama.