GFP Slideshows

PowerPoint Presentations 

These are the PowerPoint presentations used in our Growing Farm Profits classroom trainings. These files are primarily to be used as a refresher for those who have participated in the classroom training. 


Managing Your Farm as a Business — Jim Munsch

Whole Farm Profit Management — Ellen Polishuk

Analyzing and Making Decisions with Veggie Compass — Ellen Polishuk

Using Individual Crop Budgets — Jim Munsch

Mechanizing to Improve Profits — Jim Munsch

Benchmarking: Making Adjustments Based on Comparisons — Ellen Polishuk 

Discovering Prices: What Do Others Charge for Produce? – Jim Munsch 

Setting Your Prices: Making Sure You Make a Profit – Jim Munsch 

Managing Labor Costs — Ellen Polishuk 

Pulling It All Together: Making Decisions for the Coming Season — Ellen Polishuk