Fee Waivers

2015 Conference Fee Waivers

Note to organizational and institutional leaders: We can provide letters of support if you are applying for scholarship funds from outside funders to bring folks from your area to the conference. Just contact us with the details.


This year there are four options for those needing a fee waiver to participate in this conference. 

  1. If you are a military veteran, you may qualify for a special scholarship to this conference through the NCAT Armed to Farm program. Click here to learn the details and to apply for these scholarships available exclusively for military veterans. Deadline is December 12.
  2. Alabama Sustainable Agriculture Network (ASAN): If you live in Alabama, ASAN is offering full and partial scholarships to the conference. Click here to download application. Deadline is December 1. 
  3. Historic Lewes Farmers Market announces its 2015 scholarship program for all small Delmarva farmers interested in learning about sustainable practices and growing for the local market. To receive an application and more information about the conference, call 302-644-1436 or email HistoricLewesFarmersMarket@comcast.net. Deadline is December 15.
  4. Southern SAWG offers a limited number of conference fee waivers to help make it possible for limited-resource farmers and soon-to-be farmers to participate in this event. See below to learn if you qualify and how to apply. Deadline is December 1.


Qualified candidates for Southern SAWG sponsored fee waivers are those who: 

  • absolutely cannot afford the conference registration fee 
  • are farming commercially in the South or are planning to be farming in the next year in the South, 
  • have a sincere interest in sustainable or organic agriculture, AND
  • can explain how this conference will benefit their farm business.            

Preference will be given to those who have never attended a Southern SAWG Conference before.

Apply to Southern SAWG for a conference fee waiver by (see number 1 above if you are a military veteran):

  1. Printing the Fee Waiver application (Word doc) 
  2. Completing the form, and then 
  3. By December 1, 2014, emailing it to feewaivers@ssawg.org or mailing it to:
    Chandra Hinton
    Southern SAWG
    P.O. Box 1552
    Fayetteville, AR 72702

Questions? Contact: Chandra Hinton at feewaivers@ssawg.org or by phone at (479) 799-1235.