Ag Policy

The House is Moving Quickly

As I type, the House is discussing what will be included in the 2013 FARRM Bill and the funding levels for the programs that support the work we do in the sustainable agriculture community.  Take a look at the House Mark-Up Amendment Chart provided by  This comprehensive chart highlights the amendments that are important to farmers, organic farming and research and, community food security advocates.  The debate is intense and the members of House Committee are moving quickly through the amendments.  If you have a moment take a quick peek into the discussions by clicking here. Otherwise stay tuned to the chart for an update on which amendments were added, failed or withdrawn. 

Senate Update: Sen. Stabenow announced that the farm bill will be the next piece of legislation the Senate discusses.  That means it can go to the floor sometime next week.  Please click here to see the amendments that were included and click here for the press release issued by the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition. While we have a good start with this draft from the Senate Agriculture committee, it is important to note, outside of Sen. Cochran our southern Senators were quiet on issues pertaining to sustainable agriculture.  As always, please share you comments, thoughts or questions with us by e-mailing or sharing on Facebook.  Until the next update....